Ashes of K
Ashes of K
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Film screening Windsor, 2018. Film coming to Windsor at the Walkerville Theatre Film to got screened in Windsor at the Walkerville Theatre on May 19, 2018. Thanks to every one that came to see the movie.  Visit our facebook page to see the pics. Films Festivals for 2018 Our team will submit the film for film festivals in Summer 2018. Also will be screened in Summer 2018 in Bracebridge, ON. Date confirmed for Bracebridge. September 22, 2017. The film is only being in film festivals and local screenings and it doesn’t have a distribution deal yet.  DON’T GET SCAMMED BY LINKS PROMISSING THEY HAVE FULL FILM... IS A POTENTIAL SECURITY THREATH. An upcoming distribution is on the works with some high-end digital distributors.
Film awarded “Best Producer” [Universal Film Festival 2017].   Film also was nominated with “Best Director”. Ashes of K recognized Honrable Mention: Original Story at the LA Film Awards.  Official Selection.
Film was shot in two months and have go through almost one year in postproduction.