Ashes of K
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Ashes of K  (Movie) Official Site Love can blind people from reality. Ashes of K  (1 hr 45 min) A Love Story Drama Movie Genre: Drama, Gangster, Crime, Love Story.   Megan (Christina Gohm), a young woman with delusional psychosis falls in love with an ex-cyber criminal, Hunter. She seeks to find out if her love is real or not.  Hunter (Brent Bondy), has been offered a new job. But new job is being forced to work for a drug cartel. Hunter fights a cyber war in the darkest corners of the network surrounded by drugaddicts and criminals, where a small mistake could be deadly. While Megan fights to find out if her love is real or not.   Love Story Drama through madness, violence and redemption. A delusional ride to the brink of madness.   A story beyond words with excellent music by  "Mike Haggith" and "The Din". PG-15 -  Coarse language - Mature themes.
     Music by “Mike Haggith” and “The Din” The music is a fresh progressive retro rock. Great selection from “The Din”, that just released the album “Give in to the Din” before the release of this film and the masterpiece “The Warrenside” from “Mike Haggith” they add an incredible rithm to this crazy story.
Honrable Mention: Original Story